Private English tutor

for children

Aim4Ways is noticing that many young children are coming to us because of writing problems, which can be solved with private tuition.  This must be dealt with because no-one wants their child falling behind in class.   


Parents who want their children to learn extra in advance appreciate our information and the students are prepared for the upcoming lessons.  This is a great help before someone starts e.g. years 9 - 11. 


Lisa can adapt lessons to the level of the student and may include certain topics that students just want to understand more clearly.

One-to-one tuition enables Lisa to interact well with each student and the information is easier to learn, especially when children ask questions and can communicate with the tutor immediately.

Students and parents may have a mix of emotions returning to learning, which we take that into consideration.  It is hard for a person sometimes to gain assistance in a large classroom especially when they are very nervous to ask. 

Lisa has one-to-one private lessons in her Pakuranga location and you are most welcome to contact her for directions, lessons are only $30 per hour. Small group lessons only are held at 13 Reeves Road which has plenty of parking available, and a café on-site. The cost is $25 per hour.  


Topics we cover:

  • Improving spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Building confidence to talk

  • Reading comprehension and developing excellent reading skills

  • Writing legibly and correctly

  • Completing essays and assignments by learning how to sequence ideas logically

  • Understanding poetry

  • Placing information into alphabetical & numerical order

  • Analyzing short stories and completing related questions

  • Visual close reading e.g. advertisements with layout and visual techniques

  • Speech planning including help to formulate ideas and speech structure

  • Film making phases 

  • Understanding the difference between fiction and non-fiction

  • + more!


Learning can be overwhelming if the sessions are too long, hence we allow 1 hour per lesson.  You choose the topics and the number of lessons you require.

This service includes fun role-playing, personally created hand-outs including pictures and a crucial variety of topics to choose from. Phone bookings are essential.

Ready to learn English or improve your skills?

Aim4Ways Manager - Lisa Yelavich is ready to talk with you about your needs and you can telephone her at anytime, including after work-hours or during weekends.

Lessons are tailor-made for each individual to suit their abilities and progress learning English.

Help is available for adults, children and job seekers.  It is important to communicate well and also to gain information explained clearly, which Aim4Ways can assist you with.

Call today and let's talk!

 Small group lessons are held at: Te Tuhi, 13 Reeves Road, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010 

(not postal or office address)

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