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English Tutor!


Having an online private English tutor is important until Auckland returns back to normal due to the current Covid-19 restrictions.  Every student has individual needs which we assist with consideration.


You can call or text  anytime at all on  021 1514353 to book a lesson.  Many adults are learning IELTS tips, and parents are thrilled with the progress that their children are making due to attending Lisa's sessions.  

Lisa Yelavich is the manager, owner & a professionally skilled and competent Kiwi English language tutor, with over 30 years of experience.  She was born in Auckland and understands New Zealand well, which is a great benefit for students.  She is also skilled to assist children with special needs and has worked at colleges & academies.

First session is free!

You choose when you want to attend with great prices!

   $30 - Online Skype or Zoom for 40 minutes & lesson information is emailed 

$30 - one-to-one private lessons at Lisa's address (Pakuranga)

$25 - Small groups (13 Reeves Road) 

one-to-one & group prices are per hour, per person.

There is at Lisa's address a private teaching room which has a wide range of books, wall charts, appropriate seating.  Every student is given free exercise pages, a clear sleeve folder, and an exercise book.  Certificates are awarded when students do extremely well themselves, especially studying at home and progress is seen.

Group lessons only are held at Te Tuhi, 13 Reeves Road, Pakuranga in their great studio classroom.  Depending on her time schedule, she may be able to travel to you, but only within East Auckland beginning at the Pakuranga suburb.  

Lisa will focus exactly on what you require. Talking, writing, reading and listening are the 4 main ways to learn English!



Who Lisa Can Help Learn English:


Students of any age can gain knowledge, support and encouragement.  Children become less shy and keen to study.

This can be after school, during weekends and whilst school holidays take place.

Private Lessons:

Lessons are tailor-made for students of all cultures and ages.  Private one-to-one lessons are often a great solution for a shy person, because they are often more relaxed and the student enjoys what they are learning. ​


We offer private English tutoring services for children to help them with settling into school and conversing with their teachers and friends. Lisa is an experienced English tutor of international students and can help prepare them for exams or if they’re struggling with English in specific subjects and to increase their confidence. Remember - so many subjects are taught in English!

We also offer lessons for adults who are looking for employment by assisting them with job seeker skills.  

Adults attending IELTS exams need practice and a good understanding of what is required, which Lisa has knowledge of.


Group Lessons:

Aim4Ways offers small group lessons for people with similar requirements and English levels at the location in Pakuranga, with plenty of parking and an on-site café. This is an excellent way to practice conversational English and build your confidence by speaking English to others in a friendly environment. You could even make friends along the way!

Bookings are essential, especially due to many people who are busy during the day wanting after-school or after-work tuition hours.

The location for small groups is easy to find behind the Pakuranga Plaza, with plenty of car parks and lessons take place within a comfortable room setting.


Online Skype or Zoom Lessons:

Please call our phone number to gain information about this technique.  Payments must be received 24 hours before the lesson begins.  Again, you can stop at anytime and even just have 1 lesson or more.  Bookings are essential.

The student must be ready to start on time and the lesson is for that student only.  No recordings are to take place including photographs.

There will be no refunds for disrupted or discontinued lessons due to connection issues at your end.  If you cancel the lesson within 24 hours before the lesson begins, then you will not be refunded.

A student must be a minimum of 13 years old for online lessons with us or if younger, an older family member must be seated next to the young child.

Job Seekers

Job Seekers needing skills e.g. writing a curriculum vitae and learning the different job searching methods within Auckland.

This knowledge is for any types of employment.


Adults wanting the necessary English vocabulary to communicate well and talk clearly.  We want everyone to feel comfortable in their local community areas. 

IELTS exams require tips and we have plenty of practice pages available.

Ready to learn English or improve your skills?

Aim4Ways Manager - Lisa Yelavich is ready to talk with you about your needs and you can telephone her at anytime, including after work-hours or during weekends.The first lesson will be free where we assess your English level and to discuss what you want to learn. 


Tailor-made lessons are made for each individual to suit their English abilities.

We're ready to talk with you about your needs. ​


You are most welcome to ask about other subjects that Lisa might be able to assist with also.


To book your English lesson, call us today or fill in our form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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