Curriculum vitae, cover letter & interview skills 

Aim4Ways offers lessons for people who need assistance to learn about how to get a job, including beginners new to Auckland. Many topics are covered that can assist you to gaining skills for employment applications in New Zealand.


If you are in the East Auckland area, you can enjoy private English lessons for only $35 per hour! 


A computer is a great tool to use and Lisa can teach you how to operate the programs.  We also provide small group job seeker lessons for adults at the Pakuranga location (currently not open). Our groups are limited to 6 people per class, with each student having the ability to practice and learn with others in the same situation. We find this does assist with speaking English fluently. The small group lessons cost is $25 per hour.

This is designed for those wanting to learn the skills to understand how to gain employment in Auckland.


This will include explaining and practicing the following topics;

  • Writing a cover letter

  • Creating a curriculum vitae

  • Methods to find employment e.g. local newspapers, recruitment agencies or online

  • Understanding signing contracts, appraisals, volunteering, temporary work positions, short-term contracts and permanent work

  • Learning interview techniques via role-playing practice, including speaking clearly


Learning a new language can be overwhelming if the sessions are too long, hence we allow for 1 hour per lesson. You choose the topics and the number of lessons you require.

Ready to learn English or improve your skills?

Aim4Ways Manager - Lisa Yelavich is ready to talk with you about your needs and you can telephone her at anytime, including after work-hours or during weekends. 

Lessons are tailor-made for each individual to suit their abilities and progress learning English.

Help is available for adults, children and job seekers.  It is important to communicate well and also to gain information explained clearly, which Aim4Ways can assist you with.

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