If you are going to sit an e.g. IELTS or a PTE test, then contact Lisa for practice lessons and great tips.  She can assure you that this definitely helps! 

If you have already tried and didn't quite make it to the band score you needed, don't worry - at least you have had the experience of what it is all about.


The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) has 4 parts - talking, writing, reading and listening. 

Aim4Ways has been designed to assist you with two main aspects - no large fees and no long courses.  It is too hard for a person to attend lessons for a long length of time in one lesson because usually information becomes very confusing. 


You choose the length of your lesson with us either 1 or 2 hours only, then you are most welcome to book again.  $30 per hour and payments are to be made online, cash or Eftpos.  

Lisa has seen students that are worried mainly about the writing part of the test - Academic or General.  By having an individual lesson with a free assessment to begin with, you will find out what you need help with e.g. past, present and future tenses.  After gaining carefully explained information, you will take home practice tests.  These will be marked and your confidence will grow!

Our thanks go out for everyone who have assisted us by reading scripts and dialogues for our recordings.  These are a huge help for our students to practice their listening skills.  

Some of you have already booked your exam, but don't worry.  You will be able to have a lesson with us as soon as possible.  Phone anytime to make a booking.

Ready to learn English or improve your skills?

Aim4Ways Manager - Lisa Yelavich is ready to talk with you about your needs and you can telephone her at anytime, including after work-hours or during weekends.  

Lessons are tailor-made for each individual to suit their abilities and progress learning English.

Help is available for adults, children and job seekers.  It is important to communicate well and also to gain information explained clearly, which Aim4Ways can assist you with.

Call today and let's talk!

Phone: 021 1514353