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Talking, Reading
& Writing + IELTS

Our English lessons are a great way to practice your pronunciation and grammar. We want you to feel confident for example at work.  Come and learn how to speak clearer or how to assist your children with English homework.  Bookings are essential and the first single assessment lesson is free!

Lisa can also assist with those studying for IELTS exams which includes listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Personal one-on-one training with Lisa is a major help because many students are at different levels of English, so your lessons are adapted for you.

Topics to choose from:

  • IELTS reading, writing, speaking and listening

  • Ringing 111 police, fire or ambulance emergency services

  • New Zealand school education information and subjects

  • Car accident situations – what to do and say

  • Pulled over whilst driving by a police officer

  • Doctor visits, hospital and dentist visits (1 hour each to include role-playing)

  • Transport, ordering a taxi and Auckland HOP card information

  • Shopping and ordering food 

  • Maintenance calling - e.g. plumber, electrician or a carpenter

  • New Zealand driving and road signs

  • Auckland and New Zealand information including sight-seeing

  • Greetings, emotions, and family members 

  • Weather

  • Airport

  • Internet and computing

  • Post Office, banking and libraries

  • Basic English required if travelling overseas to another English language country

  • + what you would like to learn about.


Learning a new language can be overwhelming if the sessions are too long, hence a lesson is only for 1 hour.  You choose the topics and the number of lessons you require. One-to-one tuition or small group size lessons enable Lisa to interact with each student closely and information is better understood.

Ready to learn English or improve your skills?

Aim4Ways Manager -  Lisa Yelavich is ready to talk with you about your needs and you can telephone her at anytime, including after work-hours or during weekends.

Lessons are tailor-made for each individual to suit their abilities and progress learning English.

Help is available for adults, children and those requiring job seeker skills.  It is important to communicate well and also to gain information explained clearly, which Aim4Ways can assist you with.

Call today and let's talk!

Phone: 021 1514353